The real meaning of retirement has never sunk in the minds of people, and they believe stopping to involve themselves in the ordinary productive work life and rest.

Most often retirees switch off from the regular day’s life and start thinking of their final days to leave instead of engaging in productive work. This need to be addressed to ensure that the retiree remains relevant in the society.

Some of the issues that need to be addressed are:

  1. Believing that this is a consumption stage- The think that the retiree has worked the entire years and time has come when they need to eat up from the savings should be reversed. This is because the savings can be used to start up profitable businesses meant to help future generations.

The retirement savings eventually get finished and marks the beginning of stress, and this is a good reason to say a “no” to retirement.

  1. Retirement is signing a death certificate.

Retired people who remain inactive after retirement become miserable and wish that they would die. The thoughts of death should be addressed early enough by engaging in other activities which will ensure that the mind remains busy and away from such thoughts.

  1. Stop believing in the traditional sources of income

The conventional sources of income include the pension, Social security find and the like which numb the mind of the retirees that they will have enough. This should be suppressed, and they need to be educated that life continues after they retire and should have different sources of income to supplement the monthly salary.

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What is the answer to retirement?

Retirement does not mean the end of life, and when one retires, they should actively engage in development projects which will support themselves and the children who are not capable of meeting their financial needs.

However, they can be exempted from work if they have permanently been disabled and are not able to hold any office,

Otherwise, if they are strong and have the energy to keep moving, they should keep working and remain relevant and productive members of the society.


The best advice for retirees is to keep working even after retirement to support themselves until old age. They may not work for the entire day but should either work on a part-time basis by giving advice to the younger generation or even becoming a manager in an enterprise where they do not have to report to work on a daily basis. This will help them say a big “NO” to retir