When one becomes a Medicare beneficiary, it does not mean that all the costs will be automatically met. Senior citizens need the prescription services now and then since their bodies are also becoming weak as age trickles.

The Congress created Medicare part d program in 2003 to be able to support the Medicare beneficiaries to have access to prescriptions without so much of strain.

This program is voluntary, and one still has to pay for Copay though the benefits are far much better than staying without having the plan.

The below factors are valid reasons as to why one should enroll in the program.

1 The premiums are affordable- Since this plan have different tiers, one can be able to make a firm decision on which tier to subscribe for according to the pocket size of the senior.  They also have coverage which contributes positively to the annual spending because it limits the money you can pay through the pocket.

  1. As soon as you turn 65 one should immediately enroll for the program because if you plan to enroll later, there are penalties associated with late payment. Again you must wait until the next election period when the next group of seniors will be picked. Therefore when enrolling for Medicare, ensure that you also subscribe to Medicare Part D plans.
  2. For late enrollment, one is charged a % of the national average figure which is a lot of money. Therefore it is important to enroll early enough since once you make late enrollments, the rare of paying the penalty will be charged on a monthly basis unless there is a proof that the employer has any plan for the prescriptions that he caters for.
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What will the premium be for the Medicare part d- Normally, premiums are paid annually. So the amount of premium is determined at the onset of the calendar year.

The income that one earns sometimes affects the cost of premium that one is expected to pay depending on the level of income during a particular fiscal year.

Drugs also vary depending on the premiums that one pays plus the deductibles which include the copay which varies depending on the type of insurance company that you enroll with.


When determining the cost and benefits of Medicare part d drug plans, always make various comparisons with the companies that offer the services within your area.