Myths about Senior Living Communities

Choosing an elderly living community can be challenging and complex process. The more information we have, the better decisions we can make. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there many misleading information and beliefs about the assisted senior living community. That is why, it is important to clear out some fears and set the record straight about what senior living communities can offer to their future residents. Cigna Medicare Supplement

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The first major myth about the assisted living communities is that life in those centers in depressing. The general perception is that the living centers are in dark, disinfectant-smelling nursing institutions. Also they are often seen as cramped, small rooms in overcrowded apartment towers. However, that is not the case today as many living options include single-residence homes, apartments and condos that have broad amenities and plenty of space. Moreover, there are options for interior customization and the options to have pets.

The second major belief is that the senior living communities are expensive. Many get this impression from the broad spectrum of benefits and amenities that these homes can offer.  However, the independent living or assisted living community, seniors can enjoy in their private space in either a single-residence, such as a house or condo, or apartment-style living. Through the concept of assisted living, seniors can be relieved from the obligations and costs for home maintenance, meals and medical care.

Another myth that is common is that many seniors believe that moving into a senior community means losing their independence.  However, research studies have shown that older adults who live in senior living communities have a happier and healthier life compared to those who don’t. There are a variety of senior living community types out there offering a range of lifestyles and living accommodations. Senior living communities offer various recreation and social activities on and off the site.  Moreover, seniors in independent living and assisted living communities have a lot more time more time to socialize and enjoy themselves. In the same time, home maintenance, housekeeping, and meals are all handled by specifically trained staff which can have a great effect on their health.

Another misleading information is that seniors can not see their family and relatives. However, the truth is that independent living offer space for the residents to host friends and family and to house guests overnight. Moreover, social events and gatherings with friends are also encouraged. Seniors have unique have access to common areas and meeting rooms. They can host birthday parties, anniversaries and so on. On a final note, residents of senior communities are always encouraged fulfill their lives with activities and fun. The residents of these unique homes are also encouraged to keep their independent lifestyle, combined with the various recreation and leisure events at the community.