Are you a citizen of the US? These Medicare supplement plans offer national coverage!

US Citizens know that with Medicare Part A or B, many of the health care expenses necessary inside the United States aren´t covered. These costs would be long-term care, dental care, eye exams required due to prescribing glasses, acupuncture, cosmetic surgery, hearing aids, routine foot care and more. Additionally, there are many services that aren´t fully covered by Medicare, such as, in an emergency, the three pints of blood. There are copayments to pay, deductibles, coinsurance and excess charges. If health care is required often throughout the year, it can get very expensive very fast. Especially, if you need to have surgery and are admitted into hospital. For people who are restless worrying where to find the money to pay for all these additional costs, supplement plans are the best available option out there. Supplement plans are offered by health insurance companies to help fill out and cover for all possible expenses, that Medicare won´t cover. This gains you financial security and control, as you know that if anything should happen, you have already been paying for it monthly by paying your supplement plan premium rate.

Supplement Plans for 2019

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Those, who are planning to leave the country for any reason, need to get informed about the costs that are covered when they are not in the US. Health emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, which is why it is most important to be covered at all times. While there are many travelers who take the risk on their holiday trip and stay uninsured, believing and hoping nothing would happen, others simply can´t imagine finding themselves in the situation of needing medical health care abroad and having to pay for it out of their own pocket. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are some limited cases, in which Medicare original does cover for expenses, even when you´re not in the U.S. These cases are:

  • Emergencies in Canada, traveling a direct route to Alaska or another state, that can be treated in Canada only due to the closeness to the hospital
  • Being on a cruise ship, that is on US waters, which translates to six hours away from U.S. port
  • When while living near a boarder, such as Mexico and Canada, the closest hospital is found in the neighbor country

As these cases are all very limited, their coverage won´t be enough for most people. These supplement plans will cover for 80% of your emergency expenses abroad: Plan C, Plan D, Plan F, Plan G, Plan M and Plan N.  These plans cover different other benefits and you can choose between them by looking at what other benefits they cover and which ones you would additionally need as well. Some of these plans are less expensive than others, and it is up to the individual and one’s unique needs to decide with of these benefits are important. Plan F is a plan that is known to be the most expensive, but also the only one that covers all expenses.